Warning About "The Warning Second Coming" Messages

A number of readers have written to me about the claimed messages known as "The Warning Second Coming". Instead of quoting from the letters, some of
which are very lengthy, I will give a brief analysis.
The 'visionary' behind these messages has been frightening the heart out of
simple people with very dubious messages, which she claims to be from Jesus.

On November 26th 2010, under the heading, "Plan to orchestrate a war", her
messages made the bizarre claim, "There is a vicious plan underway by
world powers to orchestrate a war ­ the intention being to reduce the
world¹s population. ......... This is a very real war unlike any war
witnessed on the earth. It is a war on you, each and every one of My
children. You are the target. The problem is that you cannot see the enemy.
Cowards at heart they don¹t have the courage to reveal themselves."

The same message under the heading, "Plans to overthrow Pope Benedict"
claimed, "My Pope, my beloved Benedict, is surrounded by those plotting his

Prophesying nuclear war, she tells people to grow their own food - as if
that will be much help if there is nuclear war.

She claimed, "2011 is the year for the time in which the changes ­ the
purification ­ will commence and be witnessed by millions throughout the
world. ..... Earthquakes are now about to strike the earth as the wrath of
My Father¹s fury will be unleashed. .... The beginning of the Great
Tribulation is about to unfold where the spectacle of ecological unrest will

But has 2011 been a year of purification? Have there been more earthquakes
than other years?
I don't think so!

In February she issued a message in the name of Jesus claiming "There will
be three world leaders assassinated shortly one by one. Remember that each
one will be assassinated through the plotting of the Evil Group ­ the sub
cultural organizations that rule in all nations though you cannot see them
because they are cowards."

Two of these "world leaders" were to be in the Arab world, one in Europe.

Then after Gaddafi was killed, under the heading "Death of My son Muammar
Gaddafi", again claiming to be Jesus speaking, she presented this as the
fulfilment of her prophecy.

But was Gaddafi ever a "world leader". Was he not rather a petty dictator?
What is beyond debate is that, at the time of his death, far from being a
"world leader", he was nothing more than a renegade fugitive.

Note too the twice repeated phrase, "Death of My son Muammar Gaddafi." This
is a rather warm phrase, one would think, for a tyrant guilty of murdering
even his own people. His death on the other hand, according to the
messages, was brought about by "the plotting of the Evil Group."

Recently her messages claimed that wars and earthquakes "will intensify at
the end of 2011 and will, unfortunately, be felt in parts of the world where
they are least expected."

So the messages claim that there are to be wars and earthquakes "where they
are least expected" at the end of 2011. Let's wait and see!!!

I'm writing on December 8th. If you do not see wars and earthquakes "where
they are least expected" by the end of 2011, then you will know that the
person speaking in these messages is not Jesus Christ.

And since the messages are not coming from Jesus Christ, then from where are
they coming?